Panasonic Nano Spa Quality Facial Steamer ProductCode: 4730

  • $199.99
  • Features •Enjoy relaxing, spa-quality facials at home with nano steam
    •Quickly remove make-up and dirt with deep-cleaning moisture
    •Use daily for softer skin and easier make-up application
    •Stylish design complements bathroom or make-up area décor




Panasonic has been a premier manufacturer of quality beauty products since 1937 and introduced our first facial streamer in 1980.  
As we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity and the ability to retain moisture which leads to lines and wrinkles.  Daily use of the EH-SA31VP Facial Ionic Steamer as part of your beauty regimen can help.

Nano-ionic Steam

Ultra-fine nano-sized particle steam is 4,000 times finer than normal steam to penetrate the skin and effectively supplement moisture.


Refresh - Ultra-fine nano-sized particle steam penetrates, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Cleanse - Nano-sized particle ionic steam is released to encourage deep pore cleansing.  Cleansing with the facial ionic steamer will result in the removal of makeup, dirt and excess oil.

Compact Design
Beautifully designed, the facial ionic steamer complements other beauty tools well and stores nicely on a vanity top.

Water Tank
The water tank has two steam therapy options:

Full – Approx. 6 minutes

Half – Approx. 3 minutes